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5 steps on how to create a good corporate identity

Now matter how small or large your organisation the company corporate identity is very important and defines how your partners and the general public perceive your business. A well designed and structured corporate identity will allow you to effectively communicate key messages whilst ensure the brand is easily recognisable and sets you apart from competitors.

Corporate Identity – RESEARCH

1. Before we start working on your corporate identity we like to study the company in close detail to gain information on the heritage of the firm along with focussing on your mission statement on how you can evolve to become a market leader. Once we have collected the information we usually like to conduct surveys with your customers and non customers to set up interviews and ask them questions on what they like and don’t like about your company. With the data analysis we can usually deliver a conclusion on how the public and stakeholders in your company perceive the organisation by defining a set of positive and negative values.

Corporate Identity – MISSION STATEMENT

2. After we have presented the information and discussed your mission statement in greater detail we usually start to research other businesses and organisations within your market sector including 3 market leaders and your biggest 5 competitors to analysis how they communicate to their customers via their branding, corporate identity, website and on social media platforms. With this knowledge gained of your market sector we will help you to develop a strategic plan that incorporates the vision for the future and includes the aspirations and goals of your management leaders, employees and support workers. Your corporate identity is much more than a logo or fancy advertising it’s how every employee conducts themselves on a daily basis to portray a forward thinking professional dynamic company.

Corporate Identity – CREATIVE

3. With results of the research and your company mission statement defined we begin the creative process in developing logo ideas, colour palettes and brand tag lines that will resonate a positive message with your current customers whilst reaching out to new customers. Once we have created our design proposals we will present the concepts to the senior management team and key stakeholders in the business. After receiving your feedback and working closely with you to refine the corporate identity the next stage is to apply the branding across many platforms including: stationery, corporate brochures, advertising, website, signage, packaging and social media channels to ensure a consistent message is delivered.

Corporate Identity – PROFESSIONAL

4. If you want to become a market leader in your chosen market sector it’s very important to define your brand by being dynamic, approachable, positive and professional. This means when you are generating any marketing material or piece of communication it must be engaging, interesting and deliver a message that’s easy to understand without complicated jargon. It’s also very important that your check that no employees are publishing anything that could be offensive especially on social media. Your online reputation management can easily be destroyed.

Corporate Identity – STRATEGY

5. Even with your new corporate brand guidelines in place it’s vitally important that you agree on a long term strategy to ensure that all future communication and marketing is consistent when promoting or presenting your company. From experience you are best appointing a corporate brand manager within your organisation to check every published document. It’s also key to remember your corporate brand guidelines are not set in stone, they only form a strong foundation to ensure you present a uniform brand image. You will continually need to review your competitors and it’s a good idea annually to meet with key stakeholders to assess whether any of your competitors or internal employees have any suggestions or ideas on how the brand can be improved and enhanced. Remember a company that does not evolve or adapt will usually seize to trade by becoming out of touch with it’s customers.

Finally with your new brand corporate identity in place you should speak with the creative team at V Factor Creative Services a design agency based in Warrington how to protect your brand identity with a Trademark Registration.

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