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Business Solutions

Along with creative solutions we also provide business solutions including brand management and ongoing support with public relations. We can also help with creating a business strategy to promote sustainable growth and provide professional guidance with professional sales and marketing training. Our consultants can analyse your business to make sure all current and new opportunities are being maximised, whilst highlighting possible new revenue streams. Usually, a full business review report will highlight any training and skill shortages within your organisation whilst revealing profitability and efficiency improvements.

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Distribution & Supply Chain

Due to V Factor being owned by a multi-national product manufacturer we have access to global supply chains including distribution channels with wholesalers and retail chain partner networks. This means we are well positioned to provide assistance with promoting and introducing your products to new markets around the world. We have specialist expertise in exporting and importing products along with maintaining stock level agreements. Our online web development team are also able to provide invaluable support based on experience with selling on global e-commerce marketplace platforms including Amazon and eBay.

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When building a successful profitable unique brand, franchising the product or service will promote rapid business growth and quickly establish the business nationally. Franchising is a proven business model with successful franchisees usually sharing the same ambition and commitment to grow the brand. At V Factor we are able to assist with managing the franchise marketing and brand image to ensure a consist message is delivered that reflects core values. This can include generating training material, creating information tools and guidance literature to maintain a consistent uniform organisation. Rapid business growth through franchising should be an exciting and rewarding period, we can help you manage and inspire franchisees to share your vision with engaging communication.