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Digital marketing strategy plan

With e-commerce still growing at a rapid rate and the traditional high street stores closing down. It’s now becoming even more important that you develop  a digital marketing strategy plan that will ensure you business remains visible and grows. Below we have created a checklist on how you can start promoting more effectively once you have defined your digital marketing strategy plan.

1) Researching online will allow you to review the current market leading e-commerce businesses in your sector. This will allow you to quickly identify your opportunities.

2) Try to create a profile for your ideal customer and start to test this theory with segmentation and by targeting specify groups via social media and direct e-shots.

3) It’s always good to assess and value your online proposition and compare the experience of your site including price points against your competition. It’s always wise to review your branding and website content to ensure it’s sharp and engaging. Most ecommerce sectors have now become crowded and you need to stand out with your offering.

4) When creating your online digital marketing strategy plan we always strongly recommend that all the key stakeholders in the business agree on setting some online goals. Without short term or long term goals set for your business it’s very hard to measure the success of your  digital marketing strategy plan once it has been implemented.

5) Regular reporting via google analytics is also key to ensure you are able to measure the success of your online campaign against the business goals defined in your digital marketing strategy plan.  However you must analysis the data frequently and understand the patterns to ensure you make informed marketing decisions based on the data rather than applying guess work.

6) With the recorded data available in google analytics we also recommend investing some time in site optimisation to improve the customer journey whilst refining and developing new content that will help in increasing conversion rates.

If you would like to see how we can market your business online more effectively please call V Factor Creative Services today and request more information on our digital marketing strategy plan generation and implementation plans. Please click here if you wish to send us a message.

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