Drone Photography & Filming Service


4K Video Recording


4K Videos provide amazing film quality with crisp resolution and vibrant colours. Our drone is equipped with a stabilized camera ensuring your video footage or photos will always be in focus, avoiding any camera shake. Our professional team have several years of experience within this area ensuring you receive the best video footage.

12 MEGA PIXEL Photos


12 Million pixels are at our disposal with just a touch of button. Even when filming we are able to capture crystal clear pictures from thousands of feet in the sky. All images and filming is streamed live directly to our team on the ground. This gives you the opportunity to stand by our side and direct the drone operators into position to ensure we capture exactly what you have in mind.

4500 meters


We have the ability to fly to great heights. Our drones can climb upto 4500 meters in height and have a flight range distance of 4 miles. With our professionally trained pilots at the controls and our highly skilled camera man handling the 360o HD camera, we have full control over flight and film. This makes it possible to get feet away from objects and even fly safely indoors.


Building Surveying

With our light weight drones it cuts out the heavy cost of fuel and rental of a helicopter but also offers the benefits of closer shooting distances. We are able to fly under cables, through tunnels and within feet of industrial chimneys. Whilst in flight still images and high definition videos can be taken, allowing you to print off or display your media in a digital presentation format to suit your project.

Drone photography, drone filming for property developments and constructions sites around cheshire area

Business & property

Manors, Pubs, Golf Courses and Car Lots can struggle to show off their best qualities. With the access of a drone the opportunities are now endless allowing us to capture large properties at their most stunning angles. With aerial drone photography or video footage you are able to display the vast scale of buildings that can’t usually be seen or appreciated from ground level. It also allows you to show how properties compliment the surrounding areas and landscapes.


Large scale projects

There’s no project to small or too big. Some of our latest clients include Private Country Estates, Sports Stadiums, Golf Courses and large events. Our drones can easily cover large scale areas with their  60mph top speed. We also have the ability to slow down any footage to display the outstanding views in a speed that can be appreciated and absorbed by the eye.