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Packaging Design & Printing

With the main practical purpose of packaging usually to protect products during distribution and storage, many brands are not fully utilising the media marketing. Creative packaging can entice buyers whilst also grabbing their attention when shelf space must be shared with rival competitor brands. Also, with consumers more consciously aware of the environmental impact with waste plastics littering our oceans and injuring wildlife. We can work with your organisation to design and develop more environmentally friendly sustainable packaging solutions that can be recycled. Innovative packaging with careful consideration to materials and functional design aesthetic can significantly increase interaction. At V Factor our creative designers will work closely with your organisation to create a functional practical design solution.

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Packaging Design First Impressions

With online sales growth rapidly increasing and couriers delivering our goods. We now live in a disposable society frequently discarding product items. This has meant that packaging has become even more important in presenting your brand values to the end user. If the receiver feels good when accepting an attractively designed package. They are more likely to share images on social media actively promoting your brand generating free publicity. But, please be aware images of poor packaging can quickly have a significant negative impact with your brand on social media.

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Packaging Materials & Specialist Finishes

At V Factor Creative we have extensive experience in creating packaging from a wide range of materials including Corrugated Cardboard, Kraft-board, Aluminium, Plastics, Foam and Polyurethane. Also with our knowledge, we are able to provide specialist finishes including embossing, matt lamination, spot varnishes, metallic inks and die-cut shaping to create visually interesting packaging effects. It’s human nature to continually question our surroundings and easy to open uniquely shaped packaging with unusual finishes can tempt new customers in discovering your products.