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Social Media Marketing

During the past few years the rise of social media has been incredible with over 75% of the UK population actively engaging in social media via Facebook and Twitter. The social media platforms provide an excellent low cost opportunity to increase brand awareness whilst keeping customers informed of new products, services or special offers. Publishing special offers on social media can also quickly increase website traffic and drastically improve your e-commerce sales.

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Are you on Facebook & Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms and allow you to quickly promote awareness of new products or services. Social media also allows your customers to instantly interact with your company.

Our Social Media Marketing specialists at V Factor Creative Services can help you in designing a professionally engaging profile page and assist in producing a content publishing strategy plan that will assist in maximising your Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘ReTweets’ to improve brand awareness and visibility.

Contact V Factor Creative Services today to start building up your followers!

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What’s LinkedIn?

The benefits from LinkedIn are enormous by enabling you to quickly find the right people and contact them with your business proposition. The website also allows you to build up connection networks of relevant people that can assist in generating new sales and awareness of your services.