Video Production Services

Creating a corporate video is a powerful marketing tool for generating interest with products and services. In recent years TV advertising costs have significantly reduced, meaning you are now able to deliver your message proposition to the mass market. Also, with many digital channels catering for peoples individual specific interests. It’s now possible to reach your target market before or after programmes are scheduled throughout the day. A 30-second show-reel can be a very effective visual experience when introducing your products and services in an increasingly more crowded marketplace. With the impact of video recognised by Google listing relevant content higher in search results. Not having any content representing your business can be a disastrous marketing oversight. An engaging video with a clear concise message can increase conversion rates whilst providing a good return on investment that can be reflected in website analytic visitor metrics.

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Video Content & Social Media

With a video 7 times more likely to be shared on Facebook, your brand can quickly reach new audiences. Recent studies have also concluded that consumers prefer to watch a video relating with a product or service when compared to reading information. Also, if you generate an emotional response with the viewer, prompting them to re-share your video. It’s likely the footage will go viral promoting your brand without the media costs associated when using traditional paid advertising channels.

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Video Production Ideas

When discussing video production projects with clients we discuss your budget and primary objectives to present your message. After establishing the requirements. Our creative team will generate script concepts for approval to provide your products or services with the maximum exposure. A video can be fun, creative and informative or used to present a serious message. No matter what your requirements we create visual experiences that are remembered.